Ugartecladus genoensis sp. nov.

nomenclatorial act: 
protologue/first publication

Branches of first (main) order leafless, up to 12 mm wide, with transverse lenticular scars 1-5 mm long placed closely or more distantly, never as wide as branch width. Branches of second order up to 17 cm long x 5 mm wide; third (penultimate) order 7 cm x 3-5 mm, attached at an angle of 35-45°; branches of fourth (ultimate) order 3 cm x 3 mm, attached at about 30°. Branches of second, third and fourth orders bearing appressed, curved leaves, 8 mm long x 2.5 mm wide; length-breadth ratio 4 or 5:1; greatest width near middle of leaf; base of leaf subrhornbic; vein median, visible in distal portion.
Female cones up to 4 cm long x 1.2 cm wide, length-breadth ratio up to 3.5:1, borne on branches of last two orders. Bract scales up to
1 cm long at base of cone, lanceolate, curved towards cone apex, acute, with subrhombic base; attached at right angles to the 1 mm wide
cone axis. Presumed ovules sessile, outline in plan view subcircular, up to 5 mm in diameter. Presumed seeds oval to subcircular, 5 mm
long x 3 mm wide, length-breadth ratio 1.5:1. Slight subrectangular prolongation of seed body protruding at base of seed. Central body
elliptical, 2.3 mm long x 0.9 mm wide, with apical micropylar tube culminating in mucronate, cuspidate, apex 0.5 mm long; body  surrounded by 1 mm wide wing, covered from base to apex by a thin film of delicate tissue.

systematic position: 
conifers, Furugliocladaceae, Ugartecladus
Holotype: LP Pb 12003. Paratypes: LP Pb 12004a-b, 12005a-b; CIRGEO Pb 540.

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