Ugartecladus gen. nov.

nomenclatorial act: 
protologue/first publication

Shoots branching at least up to fourth order; branches attached radially and irregularly at acute angles, straight to slightly curved, leafless or with helically disposed leaves. Leaves all of one kind, with a single vein, lanceolate, acute. Female cones compact, ovoid, terminal; composed of simple bracts and either free ovules or ovuliferous complexes, attached helically to cone axis. Presumed ovules or ovuliferous complexes subaxillary to bracts, subcircular; ovules orthotropous with a small and simple nucellar apex. Presumed seeds platyspermic with a single mucronate apex, a strongly developed central body and with narrow wings.

systematic position: 
conifers, Ferugliocladaceae
Ugartecladus genoensis sp . novo

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