nomenclatorial act: 
protologue/first publication

Female cones cylindrical, isolated, erect, terminal in position on ultimate branches, with spirally disposed bracts and in each of their axils one fan-like ovaliferous scale, which is most frequently deeply fivelobated in the upper expanded half, contracted to a sort of petiole in the lower one and bear 2-3 ovate seeds on the lower part of the expanded portion. Whether the scales are simple or not cannot be accurately determined. Seeds with a narrow membranous margin. Sterile leaves on branches bearing female cones as well as female sporophylls showing the same cuticular structure as leaves on sterile branches.

Male cones not known.

Leaves on ultimate branches spirally disposed, spreading, decurrent , glabrous, dimorph; at the ends of the branches long, linear, flattened, obtuse; on the lower part of the branches shorter, slightly incurved, subtetragonal in transverse section, and obtuse at the apex. Stomata arranged on both sides of the leaf in numerous longitudinally-running parallel rows, each one being generally only one stoma broad. Subsidiary cells papillate.

systematic position: 
Geinitz, 1880, p. 26, pl. 5, f. 1,2,5-8,10-19.

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