Ferugliocladus riojanum sp. nov.

nomenclatorial act: 
protologue/first publication

Main branch (of first order) unknown, branching dense. Branches of second order more than 12 cm long x 6 mm wide excluding leaves, showing transverse, lenticular to linear scars extending across at least half of branch width. Third order branches attached at 40-45° at intervals of about 4 cm, more than 13 cm long x 3 mm wide (excluding leaves). Branches of fourth order up to 8 cm x 2 mm excluding leaves, attached at 45°. Ultimate (fifth order) branches occasional, 2 cm x 15mm excluding leaves, disposed at very acute angles. Branches of second to fifth orders bearing linear, acute, curved leaves, attached at 5°; 1 cm long x 1.5mm wide at base, lengthbreadth
ratio 6.8:1. Leaves with entire margin, lacking trichomes.
Female cones ovoid, borne on branches of fourth or fifth order, largest 2 cm long x 1 cm wide, length-breadth ratio 1.8-2:1. Cone axis
bearing curved lanceolate bracts up to 7 mm long; ovules or ovuliferous complexes subcircular, up to 6 mm in diameter.
Seeds subcircular to cuneiform, up to 7 mm long x 6 mm wide, length-breadth ratio 1.1:1, with apex 3 mm long. Central body subcircular to oval, up to 3 mm long x 2.7 mm wide, with micropyle 2-3 mm long reaching apex. Lateral wings up to 1.6 mm wide, surrounded by delicate tissue up to 0.7 mm wide which covers the seed evenly from its usually rounded base to the apex. Megaspore wall 3-4 µm thick, appearing granular in light microscope, apex prominent; external thick cuticle, presumably of integument, showing isodiametric cells.
Male cones borne on ultimate to penultimate branches, the largest 2 cm long x 1 cm wide, length-breadth ratio 2:1; cone axis up to 1.5 cm wide. Microsporophylls 9 mm long, slightly reflexed, with perpendicular basal stalk, distal region of sporophyll bent towards cone apex at almost 90°, overlapping sporophylls above. Pollen sacs of uncertain number and position. Pollen evidently monosaccate.

systematic position: 
conifers, Ferugliocladaceae, Ferugliocladus
Holotype: CIRGEO Pb 521a-b. Paratypes: CIRGEO Pb 541,548.

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