Ferugliocladus patagonicus (Feruglio) nov. comb.

nomenclatorial act: 
new combination

Main (first order) branches leafless, up to 1.5 cm wide, with transverse linear scars up to 1.2 cm long. Second order branches more than 20 cm long x 6-8 mm wide excluding leaves; third order branches attached at 30-45º, 1 cm or less apart, up to 17 cm long x 6 mm wide
(excluding leaves). Fourth order branches attached at up to 50°, 7 cm long x 3 mm wide excluding leaves; fifth order branches occasional,
attached at acute angle of about 20°, 4 cm long x 2 mm wide excluding leaves. Branches of second to fifth orders bearing leaves. Leaves up to 1.8 cm long x 3 mm wide, greatest width near the leaf base; lengthbreadth ratio 6:1, appressed or diverging at an angle of up to 300; when spreading, fastigiate, with rhombic base in section; median vein seen only in distal half of leaf.

Female cones on branches of ultimate or penultimate order, the largest 4 cm long x 3 cm wide, length-breadth ratio 1.3:1. Cone axis
bearing lanceolate, acute, almost straight bracts at a wide angle, up to 1 cm long. Presumed ovules or ovuliferous complexes subaxillary, cuneiform, up to 7.5 mm long x 7 mm wide. Presumed seeds triangular to cuneiform, up to 8 mm long x 7 mm wide, width greatest in apical region, length-breadth ratio 1.1:1. Apex curved, up to 1.5 mm long. Central body cuneiform, up to 6 mm long x 4 mm wide. Lateral wings up to 1.6 mm wide, covered by soft tissue markedly developed beneath the apex, composed oflarge cells with their long direction
parallel to seed margin. Median furrow (canal ?) running from chalaza to base of bifid apex.

Male cones borne on branches of ultimate to penultimate order, largest 2.5 cm long x 1.5 cm wide. Central axis up to 1.2 mm wide, bearing microsporophylls up to 1.5 cm long x 1.5 mm wide; sporophylls lanceolate, deflexed proximally, overlapping one or more sporophylls nearer cone apex. Pollen sacs of uncertain number and position.

systematic position: 
coniers, Ferugliocladaceae, Ferugliocladus
Neotype: CIRGEO Pb 513a-b.

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