Ferugliocladus gen. nov.

nomenclatorial act: 
protologue/first publication

Shoots branching up to fifth order, attached radially and irregularly at acute angles, straight to slightly curved, leafless or with helically disposed leaves. Leaves all of one kind, lanceolate, acute, with a single vein. Female cones compact, ovoid to subrounded, terminal; composed of simple bracts and free ovules or ovuliferous complexes (see p.5) attached helically to the cone axis. Presumed ovules or ovuliferous complexes axillary to subaxillary, ovules orthotropous with bifid apex. Presumed seeds platyspermic, with a bifid apex, a well-marked central body, a micropylar tube, and wings. Male cones borne terminally, oblong to lanceolate, composed of central axis and helically disposed microsporophylls.

systematic position: 
conifers, Ferugliocladaceae
Ferugliocladus riojanum sp. nov.

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